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Would you like the Cyber Resilience Center Brainport to contact you? Enter your details below and you will hear from us soon.


Lisette Oosterbosch

Officemanager, communication & events

If you want to know more about the foundation, the services, the working method and the membership, I am happy to be at your disposal.

Angélique Staal

Program manager

As a manager, I am committed to achieving the objectives. To this end, we forge strong partnerships from which participants reap the benefits.

Mieke Zijlstra


I manage CRB projects in the right direction. To this end, I enjoy maintaining contact with various parties involved in the foundation.

Matthijs Nelissen

Cybersecurity expert

The management of the IT platform of the CWB is in safe hands with me. I also provide support with all common technical issues.

Marjolein Marneffe

Marketing, communications and events

Questions about administration, communications or events regarding CRB? Please contact me.

Cyber Resilience Center Brainport

Building TQ 5 – Strijp T – 3rd floor
Achtseweg Zuid 159H, 5651GW, Eindhoven 

  • Phone: 06-83111210
  • Email:
  • Follow us on: LinkedIn
  • KvK-number: 74007289