Membership and costs

As of 1-11-2020 a membership consists of a period of 1 calender year. The contribution depends on the size of the company. After receiving the first payment, a health check follows to determine the state of the cyber security of the company.

Anyone who becomes a participant during a current calendar year pays an amount pro rata, plus the regular contribution for the following year. The amounts listed below are exclusive of VAT.

The membership is automatically renewed every year. Cancellation can only be done in writing. This notification must be in the possession of Cyber Resilience Center Brainport no later than October 15 of the current calendar year.

1-24 employees

€ 1.550,=

25-99 employees

€ 2.500,=

100-499 employees

€ 3.750,=

500+ employees

€ 5.500,=

The CRB’s motto is resilient through cooperation. The foundation was established to prevent every entrepeneur in the high-tech and manufacturing industry from having to reinvent the wheel. Instead, mutual knowlegde sharing, promotes efficiency, which leads to cost savings and of course a resilient sector. We therefore invite all participants to occasionally contribute and try to stimulate this.