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BDO remains active partner of CRB

A year after the opening by State Secretary Mona Keijzer, the Cyber Resilience Center Brainport (CRB) is running at full speed. She does this with the help of BDO, with which the foundation has entered into a partnership. BDO offers CRB participants various forms of cybersecurity services. This includes, for example, penetration tests by ethical hackers, implementation of security standards and advice to boards of directors or management teams. Should a member nevertheless become the victim of a cyberattack, the BDO digital forensics and incident response team will provide assistance.

Sandra Konings, partner BDO and chair of the Eindhoven Cyber Security Group (ECSG), is pleased that the close relationship with the CRB continues. She founded the CRB at the time on behalf of the ECSG, together with Brainport Development, Brainport Industries and the Province of Noord-Brabant, among others.

Sandra: “The high-tech industry is important for the Dutch economy. In this industry, organizations are strongly linked. This creates unique opportunities, but also makes the chain vulnerable. It is therefore important that all links in this chain are sufficiently resilient against cyberattacks. The CRB plays a central role in this; it alerts, informs and connects.”

Right now, the collaboration is of enormous importance: on the one hand cybercrime has taken off since corona, on the other hand operational processes are increasingly digitized, resulting in an increase in attacks on administrative systems (logistics and financial) and industrial systems (process controllers). The attackers seek financial gain and shut down systems in exchange for ransom. In addition, the high-tech industry is under extra pressure, because state actors are looking for Dutch high-tech knowledge. This intellectual property is often available at several organizations in the chain. It is therefore important to jointly make the entire chain more resilient against such industrial espionage. 

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